Why You Should Prefer Hand Ground Spices Over Machine Made

Indian spices are known for their unique taste and sizzling aroma. Years ago spices were made purely by hand and no machines or mechanic grinders were used during the process. Today the scenarios are different and you will hardly find any hand ground spices in the market. All the big names in the spice industry create spices through mechanic grinders that take away the authentic taste and aroma of those spices.

The Ayurvedic custom of healing makes utilization of numerous herbs and spices. Yet, the spices that you purchase in the grocery store are not effective only because they are prepared using commercial grinders. Also, they simply don’t taste on a par with hand-ground spices. In India, numerous if not most culinary experts use hand made spices grounded using a stone and a roller. Surely, a conventional Ayurvedic expert would not consider utilizing machine ground spices as a part of therapeutic treatments and also they are not fit for cooking. At the point when spices are ground with commerical blade grinders in the factories, a ton of heat is created. The excess of heat takes away all the taste and aroma from the spices and they are just then average spices.

Spices, for example, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, nutmeg and fennel contain unstable oils. When you pound them with consistent blade grinders, the oils get heated, and afterward very quickly, they begin getting to be malodorous. After being ground on such a large scale these spices are left over for months in factory godowns where the rancidity of the spices increases and flavor diminishes. If you don’t believe this you need to do one single experiment. Bring a pack of cardamom powder from a nearby grocery store and then take some cardamom seeds and crush it using stone. Now smell both the powders. You will find that the hand ground one has a more sensational aroma compared to the grocery store one. If you still don’t believe the fact that hand ground spices are better than those commercially ground spices you can try one more experiment. Take some cardamom seeds and grind half of them in your electronic mixer grinder. Now take the left half seeds and ground them using your hand. Smell both of them and you will easily understand the difference between hand ground and machine made spices.

Now you want to know what elements of a spice a lost when it is machine ground using commercial grinders? To start with, the digestive flame enkindling or managing force is stifled by the “cooking process,” rancidity and age. The most common machines used to ground spices are burr grinders. These are by and large costly machines planned to granulate espresso beans. Ceramic burr grinders beat more gradually than a blade grinder, thus they create less heat. Today there are various means to get hand ground spices and growing and grinding them at home is the best of all. It takes some efforts to grow spices at home but they are totally worth it. Also if you are not comfortable growing spices at your home you can buy whole spices from the market and later hand ground them at your home. There are very good manufacturers in the country right now who can deliver 100% hand ground spices right at your home. You can search for hand ground spices online and get them delivered to your home. Though all these hand ground spices you will find online are very costly but they truly fulfill their worth. Next time when you think of grocery shopping, prefer only hand ground spices.


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